"You guys I'll be back at the end of summer." says Ana Malcolm, her voice sounding sad. Ana had shoulder length hair that was brownish blonde color, she had ocean blue eyes and a smile that won her the award of "Best Smile" in the yearbook. Ana was the leader of her clique, the most popular clique in school. It consists of her and three other girls, Nina, Blair, and Rebecca. These three weren't always so popular, they used to be the most unpopular girls of the school until Ana brought them together and gave them makeovers. "I know, Ana, but I don't know what to do all summer without you!" says Nina also with a sad voice. Nina has shoulder length black hair, her smile and eyes aren't as pretty as Ana's but she's good enough to be in the clique. "Yeah, me either!" Rebecca says agreeing with Nina. Rebecca has shoulder length hair like the other three and she has a mousy sounding voice that makes her sound as if she's squeaking when she talks. "Same here!" Blair says agreeing with the others. Blair is the second prettiest of the group being the one resembling Ana the most. Blair, like the others, has shoulder length hair and brown eyes. Most people say she looks like Tania Raymonde from Texas Chainsaw. The four girls were upset because Ana was leaving for the whole summer for a camp that her parents were making her go to. Ana had protested against it the night before but there was no luck. "Honey, we gotta go!" the driver of the cab Ana was taking to bus for camp says in a rushy voice. "Alright bye!" Ana says hugging each of the girls "I'm gonna miss you" she says before hopping into the cab and waving goodbye from the window, the three girls waved back but before long Ana was around the corner and out of view. "Well, I gotta go home" says Blair "Yeah, me too" Nina agrees "Same" Rebecca says agreeing as well. The three girls then take off in opposite directions.


The end of summer was here and and school was back and the girls were ready for Ana to be back. But over the summer they disbanded, each of them finding new groups. Blair became a member of the second most popular clique in school, Nina became one of the nerds who only talked about school and Rebecca became an athlete. RING RING goes the class bell loudly and everyone runs to their classes. During the running Nina, Blair and Rebecca bump into each other, "Oh, sorry" the each say in unison "Oh, hey, guys! Haven't talked to you in a while!" says Nina in an excited yet calm type voice. "I know, I miss you guys!" says Rebecca. "Same here! Have either of you heard from Ana yet?" Blair asks. "No, not yet." Nina says. "Well, I have to go" says Rebecca with Nina and Blair agreeing and they each take off to class but before they get away from each other they each get a call, "Hello?" each of them says with smiles on their face but soon after the smile drops along with their phones and they each exchange looks of shock. "Local teen Ana Malcolm was just found dead at the summer camp that she was supposed to be returning from yesterday!" the news guy announces on the TV in the hall. "Oh my God!" was heard throughout the school. "Blair Donalds, Nina Carpenter, and Rebecca Morbinns please report to the office!" the voice of their principle is heard throughout the school from the announcer. Each of the girls slowly made their way to the office with tears running down their face. Once they got there they were told their parents would be there soon and they it would be best if they just went home. Each of the got into the cars with their parents, tears still streaming down their faces. How could this be? they each thought.


Nina returned home and ran up into her bedroom to cry. She kept expecting - and hoping - to wake up or for Ana to walk in and say "GOTCHA!" before busting out laughing but so far nothing. Bleep she heard her phone say alerting her that she had a text. How would text me at this time? she thought but she still grabbed her phone. She expected it to be from Blair or Rebecca or maybe even Ana but instead it said BLOCKED. She opened the text

Poor little Ana. Well, the Queen Bee's gone, Now I'm gonna take them the hive -A

These words gave Nina a funny feeling in her stomach, Who would joke about a death? Nina thought Wait a minute... A as in Ana! Nina thought. It's her she's alive! But as soon as she jumps off the bed to go to Ana's the remote control falls off and turns on the TV. "Ana Malcolm was found dead at her summer camp today," the news guy says and reality sets in and Nina knows this isn't

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